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In the Unani system, decoction of root Vh anh used as a gargle to reduce toothache. Study showed antimicrobial Vh anh against Aspergillus fumigatus, Citrobacter divergens and Klebsiella pneumonia. Ethanolic extracts activity against B.

The antimicrobial activity was attributed to the presence of active constituents like alkaloids or tannins.

Vh anh

Study showed intraperitoneal use of Mimosa pudica decoction protected mice against pentylentetrazol and strychnine-induced seizures. Studies on the root extract of M. A study in India screened several herbal plants for antivenin activity against common sea snake venom Enhydrina schistosa, the most toxic among the common sea snakes.

The investigation showed antivenom activity in the alcoholic extract of Mimosa pudica, Mucuna pruriens, and Andrographis paniculata. Study on the aqueous extract of dried roots of Mimosa pudica showed significant inhibitory effect on Naja naja and Bangarus caerulus venoms.

Study showed the potential use of M pudica as an antivenom agent of plant origin against five poisonous snake venoms found in Malaysia. Two new C-glycosylflavones were isolated from the whole plant of Mimosa pudica, and their structures were determined as 6,7,3?

Study isolated Fonsecaea from the thorns of M pudica and suggests it could be a natural source of infection for the fungus Fonsecaea pedrosoi. Study showed the dissolution profile from formulation containing mucilage to drug in the proportion of 1: Study suggests that M pudica produces antidepressant effect in rats with a profile similar to two tricyclic antidepressants.

Mimosine found to be an iron chelator acting on malarial bugs by preventing the replication of cells. Mimosine also causes apoptosis and studied for treating ovarian cancer and other highly vascularized tumors.

Study showed the co-administration of Mimosa pudica aqueous extract significantly lowered the level of lipid peroxidation in alcohol-fed mice. Mimosa pudica is one of eight medicinal plants in an Ayurvedic herbal formulation, Ilogen-Excel, showing antihyperglycemic effect in STZ-induced diabetic rats.

In a study of alloxan-induced diabetic rats, the ethanolic extract of Mimosa pudica leaves showed significant decrease of blood glucose level compared with Metformin as standard drug. Comparative antioxidant, antibacterial and general toxicity studies on extracts of two Bangladeshi medicinal plants, M pudica and M rubicau, showed both exhibited prominent antioxidant property.

In an acute toxicity study, a single dose of aqueous extract of mg KBW showed no clinical signs of toxicity or mortality. Study also showed dose-dependent central and peripheral analgesic property.

Study screened a chloroform extract for hypolipidemic activity in hyperlipidemia induced by an atherogenic diet in Wistar albino rats. Results showed significant hypolipidemic effect with lowering of the serum levels of biochemical parameters lowering of TC, triglycerides, LDL,VLDL with a significant rise in HDL, similar to standard drug atorvastatin.

The extract showed significant protection of the atherogenic index against hyperlipidemia. Biologically active phytoconstituents such as flavonoids, glycosides, and alkaloids may be responsible for the hypolipidemic effect. Study showed tannins obtained from M.

Study evaluated the hepatoprotective effect of a methanolic extract of leaves of M. Results showed significant hepatoprotective effect with lowering of biochemical parameters and confirming histopathological changes. Results were comparable to standard hepatoprotective drug Silymarin. Effects may be due to active phytoconstituents flavonoids, glycosides, and alkaloids.

Evaluation in rats of extracts of M. Study showed significant differences in samples of mother tinctures. Alcohol content influenced the viscosity of tinctures. Study evaluated the total flavonoid TF and total phenolic TP contents of ethanol extracts of whole plant, stem, leaf, and seed.

Results showed the leaf extract with the highest amount of TF and TP, Results suggested Mp could be a potential rice source of natural antioxidants. Study evaluated nootropic effects in both acute and chronic models of amnesia induced by scopolamine and AlCl3.

Results confirmed nootropic cognition enhancement activity of EEMP, attributed to flavonoids and its antioxidant property. Study evaluated an ethanolic extract for analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity. Results showed potent antinociceptive action confirming the extract's central activity.

In a carrageenan-induced paw edema model, results clearly demonstrated anti-inflammatory activity. Six glycosylflavones isolated from Mimosa pudica were evaluated for antitumor activity.Why not follow us on Facebook to be the first to find out about the latest developments.

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