Stylish name writing activities

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Stylish name writing activities

Need an alternative to Bullet Journaling for Back to School?

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These stylish academic planners are great for students, teachers, and college academics. You can even grab last-minute printable versions. Staying on top of classes, sports, after-school clubs, and social activities is difficult, even with the perfect organizational system.

Ok, on to the planners! Consider how much time you have to prepare for the school year. Some of these are Amazon finds free 2-day shipping!

They are gorgeous, inside and out. They also include features like vision boards and goal-setting pages, which elevates them from simple little schedule to full-blown life planning tools. For something a little more floral, check out this custom planner from MelvedyDesigns.

The shop lets you choose from three different layout options, including academic, classic, and FlexGrid great for meal planning or workouts. I know how it goes.

Once you see these cute printable pages, you may want to dive into the school year. Since you control which pages to include, you can build your ideal planner and print it on your favorite paper.

They also have one for teachers. Of course, you also get to choose your start month with this planner. If simple layouts are your thing, give this planner a try. Seriously, who talks about notebooks all day? Hey, man, stationery is cool, and you know it!

I really do understand why everyone raves about the Passion Planner. This classic black version is undated, so you can start whenever your academic year begins. Hey, teachers need stylish academic planners, too!

Their distinctly minimal designs keep your planning from looking cluttered or chaotic. Yeah, this planner is not that friend. BIG, standard, and mini. Teachers may prefer the BIG size for the extra writing space, but students toting backpacks full of books may be more at home in a mini.

The Laws of Attraction Planner was Kickstarted into existence. The concept is similar to the Passion Planner, but it boasts some unique pages that piqued my interest. Rose gold lovers will be all over this planner! Day Designer for Blue Sky Day Designer is another brand that has pushed basic planners to new heights.

This little floral number is structured around monthly and weekly planning, and it includes a task list for each day. It also includes more general life-planning pages for students with big ambitions.

Brainstorm with me!

How do you plan your academic year on paper? Are you a strict Bullet Journal kind of person?As DeJean explains, "Some homes have a grand living room that gets only occasional use, while ordinary social activities take place in a smaller room with another name like family room or rec room.

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stylish name writing activities

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look at his name, to which you had paid only scant attention in the first place – many academic writing workshops and activities; only a handful have touched Stylish Academic Writing is.

Stylish Academic Writing [Helen Sword] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Elegant data and ideas deserve elegant expression, argues Helen Sword in this lively guide to academic writing. For scholars frustrated with disciplinary conventions.

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