Shades of gray book report

His father fought bravely in the Confederate Army, his sisters died of a disease that Will is convinced was carried by the Yankees and his mother died soon afterward. Working along side his uncle, Will comes to a begrudging admiration of his skill and wisdom.

Shades of gray book report

Between SHades of Gray SummaryLina is a fifteen year old girl who's family gets taken away from their home in Lithuania. Her father is taking to a prison in Siberia while Lina, her brother, and her mother are taken to a work camp in Altai. Lina and her family try to survive through the harsh winter and try to send letters to familiy members without gettig caught.

After a while in Altai a group is sent to the Artic Circle Lina and her family were on the list. On their way there Elena Linas mother find out her husband has been exectued, giving up hope she soon dies.

Shades of Gray by Carolyn Reeder

Lina fights for the survival of her and her brother and luckly, they make it. SettingsIt is8 years after the holocaust started. Lina and her family were taken from their home in Lithuania and put on trains heading to Siberia.

After a while being on the train her dad is taken to Siberia while Lina, her brother and mother are taken to Altai to work for the NKVD.

Stalas Caitlyn Dotson, 4th period RecommendI would definetly reccomend this book.

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It gives you a better understanding of what Stalin was doing while Hitler was trying to take areas. It also keeps the reader interested because it's in the point of view of a girl that is in the camp and her efforts to make it out of there.“Fifty Shades of Grey,” by E.L.

James, is a book that has been begging to be reviewed for months. When hearing of its massive success, I bit the bullet and went out and bought the book.

Based off of “Twilight” fan fiction, the book features Anastasia Steele, an independent single English Major in college hoping to go into publishing. 50 Shades of Grey – Book Review - Never one to resist the hype of a good read, or rather the claim of “Mommy Porn,” I downloaded EL James’ 50 Shades of Grey, anticipating an entertaining p.

Shades of gray book report

The statistic presents the number of copies E.L. James's 'Fifty Shades of Grey' sold in selected countries worldwide as of February The book sold more than one million copies in Germany as. According to reports that surfaced on Jan. 5, the film adaptation of E.L.

Shades of gray book report

James' book trilogy will be condensed into one film. ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Will Only Be One Film — Report. In this book, Rinaldi reports her experiences from taking a year off from her marriage. During that year, her and her husband decided to see other people during the week, and then come back together on the weekends.

This decision, which Rinaldi forced after her husband’s refusal to have children, eventually led to the downfall of her marriage.

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Fifty Shades of Grey news: E.L. James a releases a new book titled 'Grey' - Vine Report