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Request to write a testimonial

After my painful separation and divorce, I found it extremely difficult to find the perfect woman within the UK. My life was divided between work, being a single father, food shopping, gym and my home to look after.

Twelve months passed and I have not met anyone suitable. I tried Internet dating for months but with no luck. I found most women in UK obnoxious, uncaring, selfish and worst being generally overweight, inactive with vulgar make up which I find very unattractive.

I thought I should widen my search. I learnt that women from Ukraine are not only beautiful but also more loyal and house proud than other European women. Then I came across the idea of finding a woman through a marriage agency. As a result, I started communicating with an agency in Kyiv to assist me in finding my soul mate.

I realized after few days that this agency in Kyiv and many others were nothing but a scam aiming to steal your money. I was finally lucky enough to come across the Mordinson Marriage Agency.

request to write a testimonial

Mordinson agency stood out among all others as Michael clearly provided me with all information via emails and telephone conversation. I felt very comfortable with Michael as he answered all my questions clearly and honestly. Also, the website contained plenty of testimonials from previous men who were successful in finding a soul mate.

At the start, I was communicating with 6 ladies. I knew after one week that Julia was going to be my woman as she impressed me with her questions and the frequency of letters. She was writing to me daily.

request to write a testimonial

Michael was fantastic with emails turnaround. My emails were getting translated and delivered with photos to Julia with hours. Thanks to Michael for the hard work even at Initially, the language barrier was tackled with emails being translated by Michael.

Our Mission

After I met with Julia on the 9th of October, we were using Google translate and it seems to work reasonably ok. Julia was the most beautiful woman on Michael's website at the time. More importantly, she has fun personality with great sense of humor. After one week of emails, I decided to have a Skype call with her with Michael translating.

It was great experience because it made me feel very confident to want to go to Kharkov to meet her. Julia and myself exchanged over emails and 3 Skype calls in 11 weeks.

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So when we met face to face on 9th October, it felt so good. We were both pretty sure about our feelings towards each other.

Testimonials That Build Trust Imagine going to your local business fair. I went to one local business fair and promised myself:
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Testimonial tip #1: Demonstrate a benefit Saturday, August 11, 9: Very pleased to have just finished a pair of these chairs which my wife and I both agree look great.
Client Testimonial Letters Then we found Building Blocks Home Daycare. Their facility is incredibly clean, the food is healthy and nutritious, the activities are educational and fun, they have a massive backyard so the kids get plenty of exercise, and they communicate constantly with parents so you always know the progress of your child.

Julia is now learning English and will be meeting with her at end of November in Prague. Guys, this agency is genuinely interested to help you to find your soul mate. Michael works very hard to please his male and female clients.

I was collected from the airport, taken to nice and secure apartment and introduced to the ladies.

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Michael and Alla were both very pleasant and even helped me to buy the flowers. I highly recommend Michael. My advice is to communicate via Skype sooner than later.

The Skype call will help you to make up your mind quicker and gives more confidence to book your trip to Kharkov. Kharkov is a delightful city and safe and the food was fantastic. Go ahead and send your introduction letter.In these cases, you will need to write a reference request letter to someone who can vouch for your potential as an employee.

Appropriate Reference Providers If you have work experience, professional references can be provided from former supervisors who are familiar with your work history, strengths, and hard and soft skills.

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Sunday, May 27, PM. Hello Phil. Not so long time ago we made small business with plans for three plans. Do you remember? My interest about wood plans of your products continue.

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