Panera strategic audit

Susan Benshoff brings 30 years of senior-level hospitality experience to her position with Benchmark. Most recently she led a team of project managers responsible for the implementation of Global Revenue Management and Distribution initiatives for the Intercontinental Hotels Group.

Panera strategic audit

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Alex will be discussing branding. Branding For Landing Are you over thinking how to get that job? Did you know there are essentially two steps to getting a job? What does it take to stand out in the world of work? Everyone has a personal brand. The question is, does your brand accurately represent who you are?

It serves to reason that a strong brand is preferable to a weak one. In this session, Alex Freund, The Landing Expert, shares how to create a strong, compelling brand that will have companies wanting you for the position. Companies spend millions every year building their brands.

They are carefully crafted and vigorously defended. You need to put the same effort into your brand.

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Looking at the job search process, hiring managers and human resource officials determine evaluate you quickly and based on few inputs. The good news is you have the opportunity to stand out. Delivering your brand clearly Panera strategic audit consistently is just as important, but first you need to understand what a brand is and isn't.

Alex explores "branding" and the art of creating a distinct brand for yourself. He will share which variables are most often used by Human Resources determining whether to call you in for an interview or not.

So whether you want to learn how create your own brand, become known in a new career field, or attract interviews, it may boil down to the quality of your brand. During this event, you will: Look at the concept of brand is and isn't Explore what it takes to build your awesome brand Learn what it takes to be the candidate Be taught how to position yourself to hear "Yes.

It's you we want. As a former director at Honeywell, Sanofi and Tyco International, Alex is an experienced hiring manager. Currently, Alex is a career coach, specializing in helping his clients improve their interviewing skills and making them confident and comfortable throughout the interviewing process.

For the last 12 years, Alex has helped more than clients ranging from managers to CEOs in a variety of industries.

Panera strategic audit

Alex is volunteering in several job-search networking groups where he is an occasional presenter. He conducts workshops on interviewing, resumes, LinkedIn, Value Proposition, Personal Branding and alike in addition to weekly publishing a blog written specifically for job seekers.

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His blogs are posted on many LinkedIn groups, appeared in Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and Business Insider. For over eight years, Alex has been teaching a course for people in transition via the Princeton Adult School and publishes The Landing Expert List, a free directory of job-search networking groups via his website at landingexpert.

Alex is a Cornell University graduate and speaks five languages. Bring a list of target companies, and then ask who knows people in these firms.

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The meeting will end early enough to allow for networking afterwards. Please be sure to: Route 10 East through Parsippany.

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