Literature in high school

The Gal Who Got Rattled. The Interlopers by H. Munro In this man versus man versus nature story, two feuding neighbors venture into the woods carrying guns; one to hunt, the other to put down a trespasser.

Literature in high school

There are few things a biracial year-old growing up in Southern California has in common with Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of The Scarlet Letter.

Literature in high school

There are even fewer experiences in the life of that year-old that have much if anything to do with the events that unfold in that novel. Our English teacher led us enthusiastically through the book as I struggled to stay awake.

Nine years after I first slogged through The Scarlet Letter in high school, I found myself back at that same school, this time as a certified teacher. I was, as most young teachers are, idealistic and filled with grand ideas about what I could accomplish in the classroom.

Never before had I read a novel that so directly, powerfully, and immediately connected with my own life experience. The protagonist was a father mourning his biracial Korean son, and I was a biracial Korean son still mourning the loss of his father — to see that in a novel triggered something deep within me.

High School European Literature

The writing I produced in response to these books was poor as well. My English teacher constantly berated me for not caring more or trying harder; I felt like I was a terrible writer.

I fell in love with literature again. When I was hired to teach tenth-grade English at my alma mater, I ended up replacing my own former teacher, inheriting her very classroom.

Literature Units All High School Book Units Short Story Literature Units. Spelling and Vocabulary Worksheet Lessons Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12, SAT Vocabulary Worksheet Section. United States History United States History Units. American Government American Government. Classic Literature for High School Students American Literature Agee, James A Death in the Family Story of loss and heartbreak felt when a young father dies. Top American Literature Titles Listed below are the top titles for the American literature classroom, ranked in order of popularity, chosen by American literature teachers from across the country.

Unfortunately, I also inherited the same curriculum. I was a new teacher, unproven, and felt I had to play ball.

Literature in high school

I accepted that I would not be able to change how things were done in my first year. The first novel atop the sophomore curriculum reading list was The Scarlet Letter. The World Literature curriculum had just one: You should switch it out for something else. The next unit was a short story unit.

We had one of those terrible short story collections, the ones with no discernible theme or pattern, like so many execrable textbooks in this country.

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But as I flipped through it, trying to find the prescribed set of stories, two in particular caught my eye. The students, perhaps sensing my love for these weird and wonderful stories, responded well.

Emboldened by their response, I started adding more:High School English Literature: Resources for Students, Teachers and Parents Shakespeare, classic American or European fiction, and contemporary poetry are only a few of the categories of high school English resources you can find on the Web.

Senior High School Lightning Literature and Composition. At the high school level, students now can spend a semester or a year focused on a time and place, topic, or author.

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High School Language Arts Founded in , W. W. Norton & Company stands as the largest and oldest publishing house owned wholly by its employees.

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Suggested Reading for High School (Grades 9–12) The following titles are recommended as summer reading both to maintain fluency and reading level and to encourage independent reading. Students may find these titles at libraries and bookstores. VocabularySpellingCity promotes high school vocabulary learning and comprehension while your students explore great literature.

Vocabulary lists created for ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade curriculums allow students to familiarize themselves with language in the books from the Common Core State Standards.

High School English Literature: Resources for Students, Teachers and Parents