Cyber forensics development of a case

Apply direct to the University Why choose this course? Pervasive increases in cyber crime, industrial espionage and politically motivated cyber attacks are a persistent and global threat. An urgent and fundamental step towards mitigating and combating such threats requires the employment of skilled cyber security and digital forensics professionals to work in government, business, finance, insurance, industrial, media, legal and intelligence services, as well as many other employment sectors.

Cyber forensics development of a case

Digital forensic process A digital forensic investigation commonly consists of 3 stages: This approach has been embodied in a commercial tool called ISEEK that was presented together with test results at a conference in Inan article in the International Journal of Digital Evidence referred to this step as "an in-depth systematic search of evidence related to the suspected crime.

The evidence recovered is analysed to reconstruct events or actions and to reach conclusions, work that can often be performed by less specialised staff.

Traditionally it has been associated with criminal law, where evidence is collected to support or oppose a hypothesis before the courts. As with other areas of forensics this is often as part of a wider investigation spanning a number of disciplines. In some cases the collected evidence is used as a form of intelligence gathering, used for other purposes than court proceedings for example to locate, identify or halt other crimes.

As a result, intelligence gathering is sometimes held to a less strict forensic standard. In civil litigation or corporate matters digital forensics forms part of the electronic discovery or eDiscovery process. Forensic procedures are similar to those used in criminal investigations, often with different legal requirements and limitations.

Outside of the courts digital forensics can form a part of internal corporate investigations. A common example might be following unauthorized network intrusion.

A specialist forensic examination into the nature and extent of the attack is performed as a damage limitation exercise.

Cyber forensics development of a case

Both to establish the extent of any intrusion and in an attempt to identify the attacker. However, the diverse range of data held in digital devices can help with other areas of inquiry. For example, personal documents on a computer drive might identify its owner. Alibis and statements Information provided by those involved can be cross checked with digital evidence.

Intent As well as finding objective evidence of a crime being committed, investigations can also be used to prove the intent known by the legal term mens rea. For example, the Internet history of convicted killer Neil Entwistle included references to a site discussing How to kill people.

Evaluation of source File artifacts and meta-data can be used to identify the origin of a particular piece of data; for example, older versions of Microsoft Word embedded a Global Unique Identifier into files which identified the computer it had been created on. Proving whether a file was produced on the digital device being examined or obtained from elsewhere e.

Cyber forensics development of a case

Document authentication relates to detecting and identifying falsification of such details. Limitations[ edit ] One major limitation to a forensic investigation is the use of encryption; this disrupts initial examination where pertinent evidence might be located using keywords.

Laws to compel individuals to disclose encryption keys are still relatively new and controversial. For civil investigations, in particular, laws may restrict the abilities of analysts to undertake examinations.

Restrictions against network monitoringor reading of personal communications often exist. The computer misuse act legislates against unauthorised access to computer material; this is a particular concern for civil investigators who have more limitations than law enforcement.

An individuals right to privacy is one area of digital forensics which is still largely undecided by courts. The US Electronic Communications Privacy Act places limitations on the ability of law enforcement or civil investigators to intercept and access evidence.

The act makes a distinction between stored communication e. The latter, being considered more of a privacy invasion, is harder to obtain a warrant for. The ability of UK law enforcement to conduct digital forensics investigations is legislated by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.The FBI is the lead federal agency for investigating cyber attacks by criminals, overseas adversaries, and terrorists.

The threat is incredibly serious—and growing. What is this course about? The aim of the Master of Cyber Security is to provide computing professionals with the theoretical knowledge and technical and communication skills necessary to embark on a career as a computer security professional with either the corporate or government sector.

This specialist-level course is for professionals whose role requires them to capture and analyse data from ‘live’ systems. It introduces the latest guidelines and artefacts on current Windows operating systems, and teaches essential skills for conducting an efficient and comprehensive investigation.

Cyber Security, Threat Intelligence and Forensics MSc. School - School of Computing, Science & Engineering Subject area - Computer Science. Georgia Tech’s banner degree is its MS in a 5-credit practicum and an emphasis on applicable skills, this program is available in 3 tracks: The Information Security track is run by the School of Computer Science and emphasizes technical issues in .

Today, cybersecurity professionals recognize that they can't possibly prevent every breach, but they can substantially reduce risk by quickly identifying and blocking breaches as they happen.


Investigating The Cyber Breach: The Digital Forensics Guide for the Network Engineer is the first comprehensive guide to doing just that.

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