Business plans under 10 lakhs per annum

He wants to invest money to get regular monthly income.

Business plans under 10 lakhs per annum

There is increased Investor Confidence, and many schemes have been launched by the government to promote the industry.

The building of Smart Cities are taking place aggressively leading to many business opportunities. Many other new reforms for transforming the Economy are in the pipeline.

In such a robust scenario, it is a great idea to invest in a good business with a strong ROI and short Payback Period.

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Multiple businesses also help in building a strong diversified portfolio which can stand the test of time. Multiple sources of income will lead to greater financial stability and will further build investor confidence in the economy which will, in turn, help the entrepreneurs.

So it becomes a virtuous cycle. A few Profitable Business Ideas under 50 lakhs 1. It is a very fast growing recession-proof industry and has attracted major players. It primarily involves selling Premium Packages to international students which combine customized Educational courses along with related excursions or trips within Exotic India.

Students are exposed to the study and visit of unique histories and cultures of various regions of India. Investment is under INR 50 lakhs for a good scale business and mainly involves creating infrastructure in terms of Training and Trip facilities.

business plans under 10 lakhs per annum

Payback Period is typically 1 Year. In this way, synchronised programs can be offered. Foreign Students will, therefore, see great value in such a niche business.

The Brand attracts customers by itself and therefore simply maintaining the Brand Promise to the Customer in the showroom is usually enough to become successful. Examples of 2 extremely popular and strong brands are outlined below which offer franchisees: Lakme It is one of the best Beauty Brands in the market and highly preferred by Women for hair, skin and cosmetics care.

They have a very strong training module also. The strength of the brand makes it a great franchise due to its strong pull factor.

Space requirement on an average is square feet which is relaxed for smaller towns. Hence it is an evergreen business.

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Courteous and skilled personnel with good nurturing and interpersonal skills who can provide reassurance to the clients will go a long way in making the franchise successful. Lots of Raymond retail outlets are successfully running in India.

The investment required is typically INR 30 to 50 lakhs which include the cost of interior designing, furniture and fixtures and investment in the goods. Space requirements range from to square feet on the Ground floor with a strong emphasis on a commercially viable location.

Ensure that NOS Never out of stock items are always present in the store. Always Order optimally from the company so as to maintain financial health. How to start retail showroom business 4. Investment can be under INR 50 lakhs in terms of creating a small house or a shop.

Flipping is based on the concept of Wholesale. Unlike conventional construction, the sale price of a particular house or shop is researched as per the Area and Demand.

Bids are invited from builders who can deliver keeping in mind the construction period, margin and other costs. When the project is sold, the money generated is used to fund the next project in a similar way. A strong market research on the prospective buyer segment may help in customized designing of the property.

Although typical margins in the chemical industry are low, certain segments of the chemical industry are experiencing very high growth. This is a highly evergreen business especially if one has identified High Growth Segment.In order to convert an existing regular fund to a di r ect fund, you need to submit ‘switch request’ to the concerned Asset Management Company (fund house).Based on your written switch request, the units under Regular plan will then be converted as Direct plan units.

News About Deductions under Section 80c. EPF Interest Rate hiked to %. The interest rate on Employee Provident Fund (EPF) has been increased by 50 bps to percent for the fiscal year , following pressure from employee unions.

Health insurance for senior citizens or parents is a must, considering the rate at which the medical expenses are rising every year.

On an average, the medical costs are rising around 15% every year. 7 simple start-up ideas that have earned lakhs & crores. Text: ET Bureau With job uncertainty increasing by the day, there has been a flurry of start-ups in the recent years.

For single pay policies with a policy term of 5 years, a loyalty addition of % of the average of daily Fund Values, including Top-up Fund Value, if any, in that same policy year, will be payable at the end of the fifth policy year.

Here’s how you can earn lakhs by just investing Rs 2, per month. given an average of over 15% per annum for the last 10 years. to have a ‘Cooling Action Plan’ under .

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