Building a secure future seeking practical

Government policies have started to take up the challenge more so in recent years, however it still relies on altruistic businesses being proactive in a competitive and often uncertain environment. Although we are a smaller company we feel that it is our duty to take up our responsibility in building for the future in an enduring meaningful way.

Building a secure future seeking practical

There is still no rain leakage. The house was built with bricks and wood. There are two apartments on each floor, and a small courtyard in the middle of the house for light and ventilation, which was a rare design innovation at the time, Thein Aung said.

It is undergoing its first major renovation since it was built more than years ago. His grandfather had a small construction business in Hoisan, Canton now Taishan, Guangdongand he migrated to Rangoon in the hope of making a better living in Burma, which he regarded as a land of opportunity.

After marrying, he managed the restaurant business owned by his wife, who is also a third-generation descendant of Cantonese immigrants.

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Their four children grew up in the house on 47th Street. The partnership will help to restore the century-old house to its former glory. Thein Aung, who has moved into a small, modern apartment, said he would miss his former home but was proud that its preservation would contribute to the aesthetic value of its neighbourhood.

Building a secure future seeking practical

He repeatedly expressed the hope that the house would remain in his family for generations. Thein Aung requested a copy of the issue of Frontier that carries this report.

He began work in and retired as a navigator in His longest stint as a merchant seaman was the first; he spent four years at sea, with only brief stays in Hong Kong and Macau.

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Ina year before he married, he bought an apartment on Bogalay Zay Street, next to the one his parents had purchased in His parents met and married there before returning to Burma after independence in His two sons grew up in the Bogalay Zay Street apartment.

After retiring as a merchant seaman, Ghulam Hla Tin became a taxi driver. Ghulam Hla Tin enjoys the extra light in the apartment on sunny mornings but he was initially opposed to the change.

So was his mother after the remodelling began. After the project was completed, Ghulam Hla Tin became the operational manager for Doh Eain, which is working on its seventh refurbishment project and has grown to a staff of eight.

Our family lives next door. We cook them lunches on Saturdays. The teacher and his team The head of design and building restoration at Doh Eain is Mr Albert Company Olmo, a Barcelona-born building engineering graduate who spent seven years working with Myanmar migrants and refugees at the Mae Tao Clinic in Thailand.

He was involved in building projects at the Mae Tao Clinic in Mae Sot and also taught constructions skills at a school for migrants. The team was used to working with a low budget and readily available materials, such as bamboo, and it had to adapt to unfamiliar concepts and construction techniques.

After ensuring safety, we look for aesthetics. What is the character of the house? What are the elements which make this house distinctive? Some of them never lived in a city.No one person or company can possibly keep up with everything in play for the immediate future.

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Planning a secure future for your company When it comes to technology in the workplace, most every convenience is balanced against a potential threat. Email and the cloud—for as much as they’ve revolutionized the way we do business—have enabled new methods of theft and fraud and necessitated new regulations.

Building a Secure Future: Finding Practical Solutions- The Nigerian Example Today should go down in history as one of the very best days of my life. You see, my school was at the center of media attention in January following violent protests by students against the lack of infrastructure (electricity, water, transportation and adequate.

Innovative social enterprise Doh Eain is collaborating with downtown Yangon residents to give them and their heritage building homes a secure future.

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