Authenticity is it real or is

No data so far. My mom and I often have discussed the issue: The occasion for this reflection is the Italy Blogging Roundtablea monthly series in which we write articles on a shared topic. Authenticity in art and travel Authenticity is something of a catch-word in tourism:

Authenticity is it real or is

Investigations into his military service led to the Killian documents controversy. Lockhart subsequently stated he was "wary" of contact with Mapes at this stage, because if the story were true, his involvement might undermine its credibility, and if it were false, "he did not want to be associated with it.

The documents included the following: An order directing Bush to submit to a physical examination. Killian also requested that a flight inquiry board be convened, as required by regulations, to examine the reasons for Bush's loss of flight status. The note attributed to Killian says that he was being asked to "sugarcoat" Bush's performance.

Pierce, Emily Will, and Linda James, to determine the validity of the memos. Among other issues covered in his interview with Rather and Mapes, Strong was asked if he thought the documents were genuine. Strong stated, "they are compatible with the way business was done at the time.

They are compatible with the man that I remember Jerry Killian being. Hodges declined CBS' request for an on-camera interview, and Mapes read the documents to him over the telephone—or perhaps only portions of the documents; his recollection and Mapes's differed [40].

According to Mapes, Hodges agreed with CBS's assessment that the documents were real, and CBS reported that Hodges stated that these were "the things that Killian had expressed to me at the time.

Authenticity is it real or is

General Hodges later asserted to the investigatory panel that he told Mapes that Killian had never, to his knowledge, ordered anyone to take a physical and that he had never been pressured regarding Lieutenant Bush, as the documents alleged.

Will requested other documents to use for comparison. Only one of the two documents provided to Pierce had a signature.

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James Pierce wrote, "the balance of the Jerry B. Killian signatures appearing on the photocopied questioned documents are consistent and in basic agreement," and stated that based on what he knew, "the documents in question are authentic.

Matley "seemed fairly confident" that the signature was Killian's. On September 6, Matley was interviewed by Rather and Mapes and was provided with the other four documents obtained from CBS he would prove to be the only reviewer to see these documents prior to the segment.

Matley told Rather "he could not authenticate the documents due to the fact that they were poor quality copies. Associate producer Yvonne Miller left him a voicemail on September 7; he returned the call at 11 am on September 8 but was told they "did not need him anymore.

The segment used the sound bite of Strong saying the documents were compatible with how business was done but did not include a disclaimer that Strong was told to assume the documents were authentic.

Interview clips with Ben Barnesformer Speaker of the Texas House, created the impression "that there was no question but that President Bush had received Barnes' help to get into the TexANG," because Barnes had made a telephone call on Bush's behalf, when Barnes himself had acknowledged that there was no proof his call was the reason, and that "sometimes a call to General Rose did not work.

MacDougald, an Atlanta attorney who had worked for conservative groups such as the Federalist Society and the Southeastern Legal Foundation, and who had helped draft the petition to the Arkansas Supreme Court for the disbarment of President Bill Clinton.

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Authenticity and marketing are 2 words rarely found in the same sentence. While consumer trust in advertising and marketing seems to be on the rise, establishing authenticity is still a serious.

The Killian documents controversy (also referred to as Memogate or Rathergate) involved six purported documents critical of U.S. President George W. Bush's service in the Texas Air National Guard in – Four of these documents were presented as authentic in a 60 Minutes II broadcast aired by CBS on September 8, , less than two months before the presidential election, but it was.

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