Analyzing films

This article, by Assistant Editor Alicia Kort, is excerpted from this issue. Once widely regarded as visions or portents of what the future might hold, today, dreams are more commonly considered as a window into the unconscious mind, a theory popularized by Sigmund Freud in the early s. Dreams are incredibly personal, and yet many of us dream about similar things, which has led dream interpreters to develop explanations for the recurring images many of us see while we slumber. While there is still much we do not fully understand about our dreams, some believe unfogging the unconscious might help people better understand their conscious selves as well as reveal emotional conflicts occurring just beneath the surface.

Analyzing films

Furthermore, in terms of quality, they have nothing to envy from their thriller counterparts. Analyzing films to their commercial success, romance films are produced constantly in South Korea, with many of them actually following the same script and direction recipe.

Here is a list with 20 of them that stand apart. The Classic Kwak Jae-yong, Student Ji-hye discovers an old diary and some old letters that belonged to her late mother.

As she reads them, she discovers that not all of them were from Analyzing films father, but also from another man who she has never heard of.

“The Hourglass”

Furthermore, she also has an unrequited love herself and as the film presents both the stories through flashbacks, she realizes the link she shares with her mother. Kwak Jae-yong tells two parallel stories in a wonderful fashion, although the one occurring in the s has more depth and somewhat overshadows the other one.

One day, she starts receiving flowers on a daily basis and she thinks that they come from a man of her past, who had once built her a small bridge to let her approach her house easier. Eventually she meets Jeong-woo and assumes that he is the one sending the flowers, with the two of them becoming a couple after awhile.

What she does not know, though, is that Jeong-woo is an Interpol agent, searching for Asian criminals in the Netherlands, and that the flowers are actually sent from Park Yi, an assassin for the Chinese triads.

Andrew Lau focuses on the erotic triangle and particularly the decision Hye-young has to make about the love of her life. The narration of the film is a bit faulty, particularly due to the very slow pace. The same applies to the protagonists, with both Jun Ji-hyun as Hye-young and Jung Woo-sung as Park-yi looking gorgeous.

Her efforts to approach him end up with her pretending that she is interested in a class regarding wireless radio, and eventually ends up with an apparatus of her own.

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A few days later, she listens to someone trying to communicate through the device and decides to answer. On the other line is Ji-in, a student at the same university, with whom she eventually becomes friends. However, they decide to meet, and after many fights and a great deal of skepticism, they realize that she is living in and he in While they try to understand how this happened, a shattering fact is disclosed.

In his directorial debut, Kim Jeong-kwon creates a film that focuses on the two protagonists, analyzing them thoroughly while showing the differences between the authoritarian regime of and the more democratic one ofwhen technology has become a large part of everyday life.

However, what makes the film stand apart is the fact that the two protagonists are not exactly in a romantic relationship, but rather they help each with their romantic issues.

Anna Chen is imprisoned in Washington for manslaughter after killing her husband seven years ago. On the bus to Seattle, she comes across a Korean immigrant named Hoon, who initially asks her for money to pay his fare.

Eventually the two are acquainted, with Hoon revealing that he is a gigolo. Kim Tae-young directs a film that, despite having a dramatic base, is actually a subtle romance.

It is also quite fascinating watching her struggle against her needs and wishes as a woman, in order to act according to her circumstances. However, the quality they present occurs mostly through their silences, when they communicate with pauses in speech and meaningful glances, rather than when they are actually speaking.

Architecture Lee Yong-joo, The year-old architect Seung-min receives a woman in his office who he does not recognize at first, but eventually realizes that she is Seo-yeon, a college classmate and his first love.

She wants him to reconstruct her house in Jeju and despite his initial reluctance, he is forced in the end by his boss to comply.

As the reconstruction proceeds, the two protagonists get reacquainted with each other, while the film presents flashbacks of their relationship 15 years ago. Lee Yong-joo, an architect himself, presents a romance through architecture that, apart from the actual building of a house, includes geographical and cultural factors that play an important role in his profession.

Furthermore, Yong-joo depicted the 90s in an impressively realistic way that extended to all aspects of everyday life, including fashion, music and even technology. An Affair Lee Je-yong, So-hun is a large-bourgeoisie housewife, married to a very successful architect and the mother of a year-old boy.

Analyzing films

However, the more the two of them meet, the more So-hun realizes she has feelings for him. When it becomes obvious that he feels the same, they inevitably become lovers. Lee Je-yong directs a very stylish film that benefits the most from its simplicity and the way the story unfolds, without exaggerations, but naturally and realistically.

As their relationship becomes known with dramatic repercussions, she has to decide what she wants from her life. Lee Mi-suk wonderfully portrays all of the above, with minimalism and realism that permeates the whole film.Due to their commercial success, romance films are produced constantly in South Korea, with many of them actually following the same script and direction recipe.

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