2014 fall syllabus pta i

Huntington, WV Q. When is tuition due?

2014 fall syllabus pta i

If you must be absent, it is your responsibility to clear your absence through the attendance office. Do not let those absences accumulate.


Excessive absences may result in a lower grade. Please miss school only when it is absolutely necessary.

Syllabus for Fall US History A

Do not take vacations during school time. Excessive tardies will be dealt with on an individual basis and according to the established school policy set forth by the Charge to Class CTC stepladder.

2014 fall syllabus pta i

Again… watch those absences. In-class activities cannot be made up, and there are deadlines for all assignments, tests, and homework. It is your responsibility to ask for missed work.

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It is not an entitlement to receive a high grade. You must earn it! Points are earned in the following weighted categories: Please note that class participation will be included in the assignment category. Make sure you actively participate in everything to ensure that you increase your opportunities to perform well.

Details will be provided well in advance of the due date. All project descriptions will be available on this site. There will be no tolerance for any of the following behaviors: We will always try to observe common courtesy, common sense, and etiquette.

We will not 1 put on make-up in class, 2 interrupt, 3 have cell phones or pagers going off, 4 use obscenities in any form. Posted deadline for all assignments are final. No late work is accepted. If you have an excused absence, you can turn in your assignment one day later.

2014 fall syllabus pta i

The actual activity cannot be made up, but alternate assignments may be provided. Keep track of homework due dates.


Even if you are absent, you are still responsible to meet all deadlines. If you are absent when an assignment is due, you are still responsible for posting your assignment to the Canvas system on time. No late assignments are accepted past the posted deadline. You may turn in the project any time up to the due date.CAPTE Program Outcomes Data.

Lone Star College-Montgomery PTA Program Student Outcome Data based on CAPTE AAR submitted in Fall for Academic Years ending in and in the course syllabus and will be completed at the end of that lab experience.

Each SOAP note must meet the following criteria prior to being submitted for grading: 1. It must be written by a "clinician" who performed an activity during lab. 2. PTA Physical Agents Fall The California Department of Education provides leadership, assistance, oversight and resources so that every Californian has access to an education that meets world-class standards.

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SYLLABUS FALL Civil Liberties - Eliadis – Fall _final_rev Page 3 universal, as contrasted with lived experiences of those who have been excluded at.

Syllabus for Fall US History A